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Octo: Reinventing insurance

Forging C-suite relationships

Who are Octo?

Octo is a data analytics and software business. They’re reinventing the insurance and mobility markets.

Today, they’re the global leader in driver analytics software and systems, for the rapidly expanding  InsurTech and mobility sectors - think car sharing platforms.

Octo’s strategy is to develop the ultimate, digital platform for capturing driver behaviour and location-based data from diverse sources, to re-invent the automotive insurance sector and driving experience.

We are entering an era where drivers, insurers and mobility providers will have a much closer, more direct relationship. What has historically been a low involvement relationship with consumers will become high engagement with added value.

Combined with AI, driver analytics software will provide more predictive guidance to drivers, as well as impact how premiums and claims are calculated, charged and processed. It’s a disruptive technology, requiring insurers to rethink their business models and become part of a complex, digital ecosystem.

For example: driver’s will get real-time feedback on their driving habits and potential road hazards, like volume of cyclists, weather and accident-prone zones.

Octo’s platform will also support the new age of mobility, where more vehicles will operate on car-sharing schemes or subscriptions. This will change, dramatically, the relationship between insurers, drivers and car-sharing providers.

The Brief

Position Octo at the heart of the insurance sector’s digital transformation. And shift perceptions of the business from being about black boxes in cars to analyzing driver behaviour, to a data analytics platform, capturing and modelling data from diverse sources, to create a safer driving experience, and more commercially profitable insurance market.

The Solution

A multi-faceted customer engagement program with an annual, global summit at the core, supported by smaller touring events and communications.  Shelton Fleming is working with Octo to create a global community of insurers and technology partners, with the vision to reinvent the insurance sector.

The Global Summit is an annual, thought-leader event, attended by 300 c-suite executives from the major global insurance groups.

The summits include a multi-faceted, omni-channel marketing campaign, to promote the event to a high-level audience. We worked closely with sales and marketing at Octo to target and engage this audience through web, email, app and social media channels.

The summit itself was a high-tech, immersive experience, blending a plenary, break outs and product showcase.

We managed everything from the pre and post-event marketing, to creative production, content development, theming, staging, technical production, app, logistics and delegate hospitality.

The results

Octo attracted the 300 C-suite executives from the global insurance community.  Net promoter feedback on the event was 8.5.  The event app generated in one day, an unprecedented 6,700+ digital interactions and posts from delegates. It was 70% above the benchmark for similar events. The summit is now an annual gathering, attracting C-suite executives from around the world, to discuss the future of mobility and intelligent insurance.


Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Author: Andrew Reid, Board Director, Corporate Strategy and Digital Solutions at Shelton Fleming, shares his experience from the world of brand engagement and custom online communities.

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