Smart Infrastructure & IoT

The Great Disruptors, disrupted

Today, defining competitive borders in the ICT landscape is tantamount to standing on deck in a choppy sea, starring into a kaleidoscope, hoping to find land.

And therein lies the challenge for any company in this space. Harmonised technology standards, platform convergence and increasing use of APIs (in a world where access to data is king) flattens the playing field. This allows more competitors in from left field with the real battle being for the hearts and minds of customers and consumers.

Wander around an ICT conference or trade-show and you’ll be bombarded by the same messages - business in the cloud, security, social enterprise and now The Internet of Things (IoT) or the equally colloquial moniker, The Internet of Everything. Differentiating brands when the mantra is the same from all directions, and the infrastructure and global services are all technically geared to the same goal – business and economic transformation – brands become fuzzy.

And yet in a B2B world (contrary to popular myth) branding if anything plays a more critical role than it does in B2C. The scale and complexity of the typical deal makes choosing on technical merit alone nigh impossible. Anyway, more often than not the requirements will evolve over the course of the design and roll-out, bringing vendor or partner selection down to integrity, trust and perceived resilience and agility.

It’s against this backdrop of commoditisation and emergent Asian players, with lower operating costs, Big Data, analytics and predictive modelling, AI with the capacity to learn, that we’re working with majors in the ICT space. We're helping global brands to reinvent themselves. Success in large part comes down to engaging diverse stakeholder groups, which is where our staff engagement programs, C-suite customer summits, road-shows and trade-shows come into play.

In our hyper-connected world events are increasingly about helping companies prove they have an ability to collaborate and create new business models.

AI and machine learning are radically transforming businesses into software defined propositions.

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