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Audience engagement in a compliance obsessed world

An aging population, squeezed public purse, inflated expectations, expanding chronic conditions, opportunity in emerging markets, and a focus on holistic therapies and patient outcomes, requires engaging diverse stakeholders.

The opportunities and challenges in the healthcare sector today are unprecedented. The challenges are amplified 
by an aging population, squeezed public purse, inflated expectations, and exponentially expanding chronic conditions, like diabetes and obesity, and the push towards holistic therapies and patient outcomes.

On the flip side of this coin, there are huge opportunities in emerging markets, albeit with complex cultural dynamics. And in recent years there's been a roll-call of mega-mergers, disrupting the balance of power.

New technologies are disrupting the status quo. Consider wearable tech and what might have been a problem solved with a drug is now an on-going, integrated mosaic of relationships and treatments with a real-time diagnostic dimension. This is all thanks to platforms that capture and disseminate data. Indeed, hello ‘big data and personal data'. Therapies based around the individual's personal genome are emerging, and bringing new players and new business models.

Patient's and carers are also more empowered, whether through legislation or access to information on the web and social channels. 

Concepts that seemed alien at one time - like transhumanism, where technology and human biology converge into a one symbiotic state - improving health or ability - seem less far-fetched. 

For pharma and healthcare providers to leverage opportunities in this dynamic environment requires the engagement and coordination of multiple stakeholders. Very often there’s a need to see life from the perspective of other stakeholders – reframe – one of the many ways we’re working with clients in healthcare. Our conferences, meetings and road shows can energise this change and drive collaboration and adoption of new thinking across diverse stakeholder groups. 

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