Media & Entertainment

Finding your mojo in a disruptive world

Search for new business models and changing the rules of engagement.

The media and entertainment landscape was in many ways the first to be visibly turned-up side down by the digital era, and its all-pervasive social web: eWord-of-Mouth now determines the fate of 100 million dollar movies every weekend. However, it’s also the most exciting time in history for the media and entertainment world.

Apps serve up 1,000 of publications for a modest monthly fee. News is instant. Gamers in Moscow battle orcs controlled by their peers in Oklahoma. Busy parents catch up on missed programs with premium subscriptions. Teens in Shanghai escape the watchful-eye of parents (and grandparents) in high-tech cinemas and cafes in luxury malls. Commuters in Seoul decompress with snackable content and mobile games. Whilst augmented reality apps bring art museums to life for tourists in Amsterdam or from their armchair, at home. All on-demand: everything, everywhere, 24/7, on any device. Can’t wait to see how the 360° immersive headset shakes up cinema, gaming, TV and meetings.

However, in such a dynamic environment, it can be hard to find your mojo, especially if you’re a large established player: new nimble entrants and distribution channels emerge out of the blue. Everything global in an instant. Yet very often success mandates localisation and customisation. Content and services designed for blurring gender boundaries in the West suddenly don’t apply in emerging markets. Most women and men around the world have to navigate complex cultural expectations that demand different strategies, to reach and engage them.

Revenue streams are cannibalised all too easily by free-view services, piracy or simply lower returns on streamed and bundled content. Consumers in the digital space can also be fickle.

In this pressure cooker environment we are working with some of the world’s largest media and entertainment groups, to bring their staff into immersive, themed experiences, designed to help them reframe, spot opportunities and collaborate. Our work in trade-shows and roadshows is also helping these brands re-invent themselves, and reposition with key stakeholders in the supply chain.

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