Enterprise Solutions

Business transformation

The software-defined economy.

This is the sector we are most active in. Consequently, we've had decades to surf repeated technological waves, the latest being IoT.  

We’ve helped enterprise solution companies, at that inception point where they reposition from geeky, operationally-focused, software business, to becoming an agile, system integrator or business transformation consultantant. Indeed, enterprise solutions businesses have been fast-adopting a strategic, advisory role.

The audience has invariably changed too. It’s evolved from talking to the ops and admin stakeholders, to include a seat in the C-suite. And, not simply with the CTO or CIO but the CEO, COO and, more often than not nowadays, the CMO. Why? Because, the IoT era is transforming business models and hence what most businesses are about.  This has required a fundamental rethink of who enterprise companies have to reach. 

Against this backdrop, we are helping some of the biggest brands, in the enterprise systems space, to connect and collaborate with new audiences through summits, workshops, roadshows and trade-shows. 

So, the focus for enterprise solutions companies has switched up a gear. The companies frequently evolve from a transactional, vendor status, to a strategic, partnership model, with an emphasis on building expert, stakeholder communities.

Enterprise solutions companies increasingly scope and implement their customers’ digital transformation. So, it's about more than a technological transformation. Invariably the systems that enterprise solutions companies provide, are transforming their customers’ business models and core business proposition. For this reason, an increasing amount of our work is hybrid events; i.e. customer events-come-innovation workshops. Our clients take these events on the road, to the doorstep of their customers’ premises, or a nearby hip venue. The goal? To strengthen their customer relationships, by facilitating the innovation process. This creates a symbiotic relationship. 

The IoT era is accelerating the need for active engagement and collaborative innovation. IoT is driving the proliferation of ecosystems that integrate even more parts of complex supply chains, into a single, holistic offer. Example: do car brands make cars in future? Or, do they provide personal mobility services and experiences that enhance productivity, relaxation, entertainment or relationship building, rather than an asset reflecting success, or an eco-mindset.

And it's no different for banks, insurers, airlines, hotels, toothpaste manufacturers or retailers, to name a few. Digitally-enabled eco-systems, and the enterprise platforms and complex networks they run on, are reinventing industries or creating entirely new ones. We are helping enterprise solutions companies evolve their customer, staff and partner engagement programs, to leverage these opportunities, and new-found status.


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