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Sustainability in live events

Rethinking people, planet & profitability

Sustainability - it’s gathered a new sense of urgency these past months. Elevated in the public consciousness by the Extinction Rebellion Movement and venerable voices of the natural world – Attenborough and Backshall – as well as an army of U.N. climate experts.

However, we first published this paper a year ago. The insights and thinking shared haven’t changed. The urgency has. It is, now, the main event.

Our approach to ‘sustainability’ is holistic. Yes, there are clever ways to avoid waste, champion the circular economy, reduce carbon footprint and encourage use of eco-friendly materials. Sustainability also throws up critical issues focused on social justice and corporate responsibility.

So, as we go onto explore, Sustainability is about delivering the very best for people, planet and profitability.

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Sustainability in live events
‘Sustainability in live events’ includes
  • Put sustainable business practices at heart of your events strategy
  • Start your journey to cost effective sustainable, live events
  • Deliver the very best outcomes for people, as well as planet

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