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Virtual and Hybrid events

Interactive, localised, connected events in focus

The hybrid (localised, connected) events and virtual conferences have become a hot topic. Ubiquitous broadband, Skype, Facetime, Zoom, and the VoIP technology that these platforms flourish on, has triggered interest in virtual conferences. In a nutshell, the virtual conference is technically more accessible and cost-effective. 

And, although we argue VR (aka virtual reality) has a role to play, it's limited. At least at this moment in time. 

So, what do we think?

Well, we argue virtual conferencing is most effective when treated as an integral part of a broader, moderated hub event.

We live in a world where brands are finding their business proposition re-invented as a digital platform or a service. A world where business is predicated on being part of a broader eco-system or even the very heart of it. Consequently, the need to engage a wider audience is increasing. The virtual conference offers a secure and flexible way to engage the wider eco-system or a wider swathe of the organisation or customer-base. 

More than a webinar. Rarely a VR experience. More interactive than business TV.

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Virtual and Hybrid events
‘Virtual and Hybrid events’ includes
  • 360º Virtual Reality
  • What do Virtual Conferences disrupt?
  • Virtual conferences - no longer the poor cousin
  • Most comfortable headset?

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