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Cool tech disrupting the future of events

Technologies and trends shaping the Future of Events

Over the last couple of years, even months, a deluge of technologies has flooded the world of live events. Some are designed to streamline the event management process. Others are created to meet a seemingly insatiable appetite for new and novel experiences.

This paper looks at some of the developments that piqued our curiosity. Some have potentially far-reaching implications, like virtual conferences. Others offer practical online solutions to otherwise laborious event planning tasks that would have taken weeks in the past and can now be completed in a matter of minutes or hours, like choosing the optimum location and date for your event.

Find out more in our ‘Cool tech disrupting the future of events’ discussion paper...
Cool tech disrupting the future of events
‘Cool tech disrupting the future of events’ includes
  • Blind date - app to find best date for your event
  • Pitch perfect - using VR to overcome fear of public speaking
  • NFC - near field coms simplify access to content
  • Hyper-active content - smart WiFi reinvents space and time
  • Virtually there - 360 VR transforms virtual event experiences
  • Social mining - how to leverage social networks

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