MWC19: Premiumization of product demos

Space to experience the future

This nano-Blog highlights product demos that caught my attention at MWC 2019.


The future of mobility is a recurring theme at MWC, with the inevitable car showroom popping up around the halls. Walking the show SAP and Mercedes stood-out for the spacious environments they created for the product demonstrator and visitor to interact, share and absorb the mobility story.

Spacious cabin for conversation
Spacious cabin for conversation
Awkward viewing angles
Chair swivels
Awkward neck craning
Comfortable face to face dialogue

Both companies provided enlarged autonomous vehicles and used screen technology to enable a more comfortable, face to face dialogue, and easy access into and out of the environment. Typically, these future of mobility experiences involve climbing awkwardly into a sports car seat and craning your neck to speak with the product guru. Both Mercedes, with their elongated truck of the future and car cut-away, with swivel seat, and SAP’s hyper-sized AV,  produced more spacious, discussion-friendly spaces.

Note: the examples shown here are not clients of Shelton Fleming. These are observations taken from walking MWC19.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Author: Andrew Reid, Board Director, Corporate Strategy and Digital Solutions at Shelton Fleming, shares his experience from the world of brand engagement and custom online communities.

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