MWC: Beyond tech showcase to ecosystems

Can the game-changer change?

Can Mobile World Congress evolve? 

It needs to evolve from showcase for the latest tech and brand gorilla’s, chest-beating, to ecosystem incubator, or even ecosystem accelerator. 

It’s predicted that the future of the global economy will revolve around 12 major ecosystems. Think about what Amazon is already doing with CX in retail, to what’s around the corner for smart money, the smart home, mobility, health and wellbeing or entertainment. Not to mention, manufacturing and work.

True, a few gorilla brands may be the drivers, but success is based on diverse companies and capabilities, all coming together to innovate, build and sustain these new worlds. 

The GSMA and the Fira will need to ponder whether the halls or areas between halls, need to bring these future ecosystems to life. In the past, the halls at MWC have been based around brand or technology silo’s rather than a broader lifestyle narrative or ecosystem. The future is not just more connected, it’s more holistic, with the emphasis on CX. That requires not silos of vertical interests but instead, a community of diverse, integrated disciplines and ideas, with a shared vision for each major ecosystem.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Author: Andrew Reid, Board Director, Corporate Strategy and Digital Solutions at Shelton Fleming, shares his experience from the world of brand engagement and custom online communities.

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