Digital ROI

You've got your Event App. Now what?

If you don't already have one, get one! It is not only expected at every conference, but is more often being used for internal conferences because the returns are hard to ignore.  

Firstly, the return for attendees is immense. The attendees get the true value from shaping their personal programme schedule, mapping out their day and connecting instantly with colleagues and speakers via the app, and connecting with the content too. 

Secondly, the returns for the event organiser. It allows you to obtain information about your attendees, understand how your audience feels about the content you deliver and analyse how you can improve.  

Many event organisers believe they need an event app more as a box they must tick, but then underutilise their features, which are key to tracking engagement and improving ROI. 

We pulled together the top features we do not want you to forget about after you have decided to pull the trigger and invest in an app.  

" The Event App is an exportable treasure trove of attendee activity which delivers info on where you should be spending your money to achieve your goals. "  

Alexandra Baker, Director Shelton Fleming  


5 Event App Features which will improve your ROI on your next Event:  

  1. Export Data: Easily export all the data of interactions and engagement to report to key stakeholders to ensure your money is being well spent and improve your allocation of resources. If you customise your app, you are then able to develop your app to ensure you collect the data you are most interested in reporting on.   
  2. Build Value for Sponsors:  Use push notifications to send attendees reminders of what certain companies are offering at the event. If it is a trade show you can charge brands for these push notifications, giving your service more value for sponsorship. It also allows them to be recognised for their contribution to the event.   
  3. Live Voting: Ask the audience their opinion. Vote on which speaker they want to see next on the programme to measure engagement (and give them access to what they want). Vote on topics during a talk to spark interactivity and engagement. Track who in the audience was the most engaged and be able to customise post-event marketing to what they are most interested in.  
  4. Instant feedback requests: (from both your speaker and audience) after they have attended or given a session, asking for feedback gives you an idea of which sessions get the most engagement and have the best review for following events.  
  5. Gamification: Have a game in the app for the audience to engage with. Collect the data on which attendees are participating. These are often hot leads or often increase attendees connection with the content being delivered.  


Invest in a great app (there are poor imitations).Track what you need to achieve your goal. Analyse. Improve. Increase Returns.

Andrew Reid, Director Corporate Strategy at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that produces live events which transform how you see the wider-world, business and brands. We do this by designing intelligent, personalized experiences for global brands.

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