Could these be winning formulas for MWC Shanghai 2017?

MWC 2017 Barcelona Learnings

On flying out of Barcelona a few weeks ago I published 'And the winners are? Brands that impressed me at MWC 2017'.  The bar was raised for sure but there are also learnings, as we direct our energy to MWC Shanghai.

Communication themes and design features that could define future winners at Mobile World Congress include:


1) Develop narratives that focus on humanist themes

In a market defined by standards, which flattens the playing field, differentiation comes from qualities that imply agility. Technological superiority, whilst fine, is a table-stake. It's a fleeting advantage. Things like collaborative skills, a propensity for creative thinking and an orientation towards creating a better world, ultimately forge deeper relationships.


2) Share downloadable, vertical sector stories

The money will be in the verticals. That sweet spot where networks energised by AI and data analytics, on-the-fly, transform business models and processes, supply chains and consumer experiences.

However, with so much noise at trade shows it’s often hard to grasp where companies sit in these eco-systems. Sign-posting at demos is often weak. So, techniques that allow the visitor to download in real time video-bites could have merit.

One way to do this could be near field communication (NFC) chips.  Embed them around demos. And deliver instant content to mobiles via NFC-activated links.  Or use the dead areas down the side of booths to provide hole-in-the wall kiosks. Let the visitor fast-charge their smart-phone whilst watching videos about the company’s place in the connected world.

3) Demonstrate an ability to nurture eco-systems

The eco-systems that will embrace 5G and the AI and data-driven applications of the IoT era will require intense collaboration.  The future belongs to companies that can spawn teams that self-manage and harness diverse talents. So an important goal at these seminal events is more than promoting the new tech. It’s about convincing the world that your company has the ability to collaborate effectively in multi-stakeholder, eco-systems. 

One solution is demos that happen around oblong, consultation-tables. Create the feeling of equality, and listening from the get-go. It may be a symbolic gesture but anything that implies a more collaborative approach could put your business in the winner’s circle at MWC Shanghai.

Andrew Reid, Director Corporate Strategy at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that produces live events which transform how you see the wider-world, business and brands. We do this by designing intelligent, personalized experiences for global brands.

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