Bear Grylls beware

Trade-show survival kit

This month we share some intrepid advice when travelling to trade-shows.  We unpack, packing. 

Trade-shows can be demanding environments. Always exciting. And truthfully, sometimes lonely too.  Especially if you¹re away from family and friends for weeks. You can¹t always pack the kitchen sink. 

Travelling with your wheelie, dog-eared passport and of course, smartphone is a must, if you need to get through airports and on-site quickly. However, what should you pack to manage both the emotional rigours of being away along with the practical needs of working on-site? 

We asked some of our seasoned travellers.  Some common themes emerge ­ like greater reliance on apps to navigate in far-flung lands. Bluetooth speakers, Spotify and Netflix downloads seem de rigeur.

Clothing: think warm and hot. In winter months halls in Northern climes in the build phase can be exposed and chilly. Come show days the temperature rockets.  

Packing light, I've always been told for women the little black dress can cover any occasion, formal or informal.  Like-wise for guys the blue blazer can avoid packing a suit. Works with jeans or chinos, when someone floats an invitation to a 3 star Michelin restaurant. 

The hip boutique hotel concept that is now common from the humble B&B to The W, often has ambient designer lighting. Take a compact, USB powered desk lamp to make those late nights catching up on email, easier on the eyes. 

And if you have any down time, there’s a host of apps out there to help you connect with locals. Apps like Withlocals. For a small price you can book an evening with a local exploring their City or in their home learning to cook a local dish. 

Have fun and travel-wise. 

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