What is success

Is it worth the effort to turn up, when you can more easily turn on?

In the brave new world of omni-channelled events, how will you measure the success of the experiences you create? Is attendance the best measurement? And if so, what constitutes attendance? Physical presence? Online or virtual? How much consideration should brands give to their ‘digital subscribers’? Are all consumer interactions equally valuable?

The digitalization of experiences has certainly changed the way brands can measure their success. Some consumers may not engage at all in reality, but be highly active online. Call them visitors, delegates, participants or performers, but there’s a chance your consumers will take your event viral. It could become the experience on which the sun never sets, with brand ambassadors curating customised experiences for consumers wherever and whenever they want them, from Auckland to Anchorage.

But how will you compare the effort of turning up, with the effort of turning on?

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Andrew Reid, Director Corporate Strategy at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that produces live events which transform how you see the wider-world, business and brands. We do this by designing intelligent, personalized experiences for global brands.

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