Public speaking app

Game-on, marshalling an audience

Ultimately, at the heart of every live event is the speaker. An impassioned speaker’s impact is right up there with the cool location, hip venue, creative production or set design. And yet, for many it’s one of the most daunting experiences. Essential. Sometimes exhilarating. But no less daunting. Even speakers renowned for their ability to marshal the moment, will say they’re nervous before a big presentation.

Compelling new insights. Creating empathy by giving away something about yourself – revealing the real you – all conspire to build bonds with the audience and carry your message across. It takes practice and that’s where a new app – Rhetoric – can make a difference.

Sure, coaches and rehearsals help.  Yet nothing quite substitutes practice. So, when a company comes along with a solution that hones public speaking skills like, confidence, story-telling and ability to empathise and make the process fun, it deserves some air-time. To that end, Rhetoric, a game based app caught our attention. Anything that empowers a speaker is worth its weight in gold. 

A few months ago, we reviewed another confidence booster for public speaking: Virtual Speech, a clever VR based solution. That app uses Google goggles to simulate an auditorium experience in 3D with a 360 rotation. A virtual audience with virtual ambient distractions. It’s an app that familiarises a speaker with the scale and humanity of a public engagement from the comfort of their hotel room or office.

However, Rhetoric goes a step further and hones public speaking and story-telling skills.  The app, now available on Android and iOS, is based on a gamified concept. Indeed it started life as a board game and has more recently made the transition to an app environment. And it’s a fun way to hone public speaking skills. Be heard. Read on…

Author: Andrew Reid is a strategy director at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that works with the world’s top brands. The agency is known for intelligent live events that give brands a personal connection to audiences.

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