Can VR boost your confidence?

Google Cardboard introduces speaker training

One of many aspects of our live event work is coaching speakers. So this app caught our attention. Virtual Speech, a start-up, has harnessed the simplicity of Google’s cardboard VR solution to create an app for less confident public speakers. It gives them the opportunity to practice in the safe surroundings of their office, home or hotel room, in front of a ‘virtual’ audience. 

It’s clever in several ways. Not only does it deliver a realistic environment for public speaking practice, it embeds the speaker support (i.e. your slides). If practice-makes-perfect, this idea has merit and possibly a place in the pre-conference agenda 

How does it work?  

Google cardboard is a simple device (cardboard goggles) into which you place your smartphone with the Virtual Speech app installed. Currently only Android. iOS expected soon. 

Activated, the goggles create the illusion of a virtual 3D, 360º world with an audience. And if budget's not an issue, the app can also be used with the increasingly popular Samsung Gear VR, going mainstream this year. Download the Virtual Speech app and you are plunged into a virtual auditorium facing 100s of virtual people to practice your speech on. The app combines ambient sounds and distractions to give the virtual room with audience a realistic tone and impression. No mention of hecklers being embedded in the audience, but hey, give them time and I’m sure that will be an option for budding stand-up comics.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Author: Andrew Reid, Board Director, Corporate Strategy and Digital Solutions at Shelton Fleming, shares his experience from the world of brand engagement and custom online communities.

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