Ka-Ching, car vending machine

No, you can’t shake it for a free one.

Some of the best disruptive business models and ultimately, innovations (in this case one with an experiential angle) often come from cleverly adapting ideas from other categories. In this example, the inspiration is the humble vending machine. A giant size, car vending machine has been introduced by an entrepreneurial, used-car dealership State-side: Carvana. Check out the video.

Inevitably the experience doesn’t stop or start with the novelty. It’s also a great example of harnessing the offline world with online loans, credit checks, car search, selection and customer relationship management, making the purchase journey easy, fun and memorable. Sure, it’s not a solution that would necessarily meet the emotional needs of the consumer seeking the concierge or boutique experience. However, consumers that seek a fast, no-fuss, practical service, with the fear of the hard sell removed, it has appeal. 

And no, kicking and shaking the machine isn’t going to drop a free car on the forecourt. All the same, it’s a novel way to capture the public’s imagination through experientially-driven marketing.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Author: Andrew Reid is a director at Shelton Fleming Associates – CX experts in how B2B brands engage senior level audiences, through live experiences and immersive, digital content.

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