Netcracker live events

Accelerating digital transformation

Forging B2B communities to harness change

Netcracker performs in the connected world, enabling public and private companies across all sectors to embrace digital and data-driven services and operations, super-fast. Their success is rooted in developing software that enables digital services to be configured and managed in the cloud. By designing digital services in a secure virtual environment, Netcracker can fast-track the roll out of game-changing, digital customer experiences across any public or private enterprise network. 

Our work for Netcracker has involved shaping their live communications at major ICT trade shows and forums across EMEA and LatAm. 

In a world that is increasingly and intimately connected, Netcracker is centre stage to serve communication service providers and enterprise customers. Their shared obsession? How to leverage big data and the Internet of Things. With that goal in mind, we’ve been working with Netcracker as they reposition themselves as an agile, strategic partner. A partner who can help network operators and enterprise customers to harness digital opportunities and steer business transformation. 

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