JLL Customer Conference


Reinforcing CxO relationships

Collaboration has become the call sign for the connected world. And if the new connected world belongs to anyone, it’s people and companies that can look at traditional businesses through a different lens. This is where JLL, one of the world’s largest players in the commercial property market, has focused their brand: collaborative innovation combined with edge-thinking.

The property market is being re-invented. In a world of low interest rates - even if these do creep up in the coming years - property has become the de facto third asset class. The key to understanding this is not to see the property as the asset per se, but rather to see the asset as the way the property is leveraged as a creative force within communities, to optimise rents and increase capital return. The days of the deal-maker-come-negotiator are giving way to the pre-eminence of market-makers and creative thinkers in commercial property.

Witness the move towards more flexible work spaces in response to the gig-economy. And the shift to mixed retail, leisure, office and residential. These trends require a sophisticated, insight-energised partner. Not to mention the impact of mass-urbanisation and smart city infrastructure. Even the emergence of drones, as they apply to logistics, is impacting the value and potential of the property landscape. Disruption, and with it opportunity, is everywhere.

The digital and web revolution has also been quick to disrupt the old order. Think of game changers like, Airbnb, Zoopla or Pavegen, who produce floor tiles that generate energy. Or, the myriad connected and AI-driven technologies that revolutionise building management. Or, the VR 360 and Smart City technologies that are changing how we view and purchase property and ultimately, live. It’s a relentless disruption across a broad canvas, but it’s also creating a massive opportunity.

At the heart of this sector is JLL.

We’ve been working with JLL to communicate their edge-thinking in the property market, with avant-garde booth concepts at global trade shows like, MIPIM and MAPIC, as well as specialist events in the hotel sector.

We’ve also worked with JLL to create customer communities. A prime example being the CxO level event. An exclusive invitation only event, like the one we delivered in Venice, bringing together their major clients with the world’s thought-leaders on the global economy, digital tech and 21st Century leadership. In a nutshell – collaborative innovation combined with edge-thinking.

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