Booth design and social brand activations

Sibos Toronto: Finastra leads with world first

Launching the future of open-finance

Shelton Fleming’s journey with Finastra started with the booth design and filmic content for Sibos 2017, Toronto, the banking industry’s flagship event. Although, our relationship goes back several years, when we worked with Misys, a renowned player in enterprise systems for financial services. Misys merged with D+H in 2017, creating the world's third largest FinTech. The rest, as the saying goes, is history. We helped launch the new brand - Finastra - with a significant amount of fanfare, to flag the merger, and herald a new era in open-finance. 

At Sibos 2017, Finastra had two adjacent plots which, through an integrated booth architecture and filmic backdrop, presented a unified presence and global vision. The LED canvas delivered a brand animation, blended with a powerful narrative about secure, open finance.


The creative rationale was simple – the merger of two companies, with the promise of transforming financial services, required a bold brand activation that celebrates bringing people together. 


Shelton Fleming designed a 10 meter-high, fully functioning selfie-stick, with giant replica iPhone.

On the ground, a sprawling aerial view of the Toronto skyline, created a trompe-l’oeil effect. Delegates from Sibos, along with members of the public, could strike a pose and capture a unique selfie-moment to post on their timelines. The results were phenomenal for a B2B brand activation with over 2,322 direct downloads and in excess of 330,000 Facebook impressions.


The Shelton Fleming customer journey didn’t stop with the giant selfie.  Airport and outdoor advertising, along with a fleet of complimentary eco-cabs, to ferry delegates from the venue to their hotels, all served to raise awareness.

Our work for Finastra at Sibos demonstrates the power of our expertise in the omnichannel, customer journey.

The launch was audacious, with brand activations at Toronto’s international airport, the city centre and Sibos venue. A holistic approach and narrative around open-finance, underpinned the customer journey for Finastra’s clients.

To launch the game-changing, open era in finance than we created the world’s largest selfie-stick. This brand activation was the headline-grabbing backdrop and a social media sensation. We created the platform for 3 days of crowdsourced selfies – the ultimate social currency.

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