Turning B2B audience engagement upside down

Power of playful brand activations

Engaging the expert audience, in a live event scenario, is often seen as an exercise in first class lounge design – the focus being on the meeting spaces and hospitality. That is important. However, there’s growing evidence that the expert audience is receptive to more consumer marketing techniques.

Proof of concept are two recent brand activations at major trade shows. One was for The Chartered Insurance Institute (CII), at BIBA, Manchester. The other was for Finastra, at SIBOS, in Toronto, the global summit for the big banks and fintechs.


CII hosted a playful brand activation that embraced their all-important message about training from the classroom to the boardroom. The activation was a space that enabled visitors to the CII booth, to have their photo taken in an upside-down classroom-come-boardroom. The fun photos produced were shared across social platforms.

Finastra’s coup de grace was a high impact brand activation – the world’s largest selfie – at the entrance to the Sibos conference centre. The message amplified Finastra’s brand values of inclusivity and open-finance, with an open-to-all theme.

 These playful experiences captured the imagination and amplified both brands’ across major social channels and press headlines.

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid

Andrew Reid is a strategy director at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that works with the world’s top brands. The agency is known for intelligent live events that give brands a personal connection to audiences.

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