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Emotion at work

Norman Tamkivi, works in our film production unit. A director and executive producer. Telling stories is not just his day job, it’s a lifelong passion. He’s been shooting films since he was 10.


Thanks to this, he’s managed to make several award-winners. There’s his award-winning, post-apocalyptic, short-thriller, The Border.That’s been in 50 international film festivals and won 14 awards.

Norman believes emotion is an essential ingredient when making films. Well told narratives capture our hearts and minds, and turn moments into experiences. 


We all know the room-filling silence that lingers after you’ve finished watching a powerful film. A well told story stays in our conscious or unconscious mind for weeks, months and sometimes, a lifetime. 


Corporate film has just as much potential to tap emotion. In this age of arm’s length digital interaction, emotion is an increasingly vital way to establish empathy – to make that emotional connection. So, this passion Norman has for films, that collar you emotionally, has proved a great fit with our philosophy of building brands with a human dimension.


Check out his award-winning work. The Border trailer here.

And if you drop a line to Norman at he’ll share the password to his latest short – the heart-warming film, New Boy.


Take five, and enjoy.



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