MWC 2018 – Can you stop the show on budget?

Big impact on a budget: Creative Solutions

Running a tight budget is a prerequisite to a project that’s memorable – for all the right reasons. While there are plenty of powerful project management systems out there, to keep you on budget, there are also plenty of ways you can save money, as well as manage it, but it takes some creativity.   

Don’t be brief on the brief  

The bedrock of any successful project is a tight and defined brief. And the secret of every successful brief is its anchor in strategy and stakeholder buy-in. Before you start, make sure your brief is strategic, with a clearly identified message and a clear positioning to market. Then be vigilant in involving all major stakeholders from the start. Because one of the biggest areas where agency time is racked up, is building consensus amongst diverse stakeholder groups.   

Set-up hub-based communications, to ensure information around the project is disseminated rapidly to all stakeholders, which impacts on time and resources down the road.   

Re-use, re-scale, and reap the rewards  

Think long term, re-scale and re-use. With so much time, effort and financial investment at stake, MWC is the perfect flagship event to define your brand’s presence at live events and trade shows for the next 12 to 18 months. Create environmental design and content that can be re-used across markets. Build up assets that can be stored and re-used at other shows. Everything from demo plinths and reception desk to bars and servery units in the hospitality area, can easily be modular and flexible to encourage future use.    

Get clever with technology  

Be aware of purchasing technology, like monitors and other hardware. It can be a big saving however, it can also be a technical nightmare. If you’re providing the tech and it fails, there’s often no back-up kit or tech support. If you hire the tech for each show, it may cost more, but if something fails, that supplier will have an obligation to you and back-up stock to meet your immediate needs.  

Christopher Joyce

Christopher Joyce

Christopher Joyce, Copywriter at Shelton Fleming, a creative agency that produces live events which transform how you see the wider-world, business and brands. We do this by designing intelligent, personalized experiences for global brands.

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