About us

We give brands meaning and a personal touch in a disruptive world. Working across a global canvas we do this by spotting trends and insights that provoke and transform perceptions through live events, exhibition showcases and collaborative experiences – the key to effective engagement and social advocacy over the long haul.

Change comes from a holistic approach. We scope the entire experience and flawlessly execute through ISO processes. We’ll design the environment and create the immersive digital interaction, right the way through to event branding, themes and content creation (film and AV) to logistics, travel and hospitality management.

Our work covers the following activities:

Research and insights

  • Brand audits
  • Measurement of experiences
  • Brand strategy workshops
  • Engagement strategy workshops
  • Ideation workshops

Experiential Solutions

  • Events / Conferences
  • Exhibition stands
  • Product launches
  • Road-shows
  • Pop-up brand experiences
  • AGMs / Investor briefings

Permanent Installations

  • Customer Centres
  • Innovation labs
  • Reception / lobby showcases

Transformation programmes

  • Internal communications
  • Staff engagement programmes
  • Cascade Communications

Digital solutions

  • Immersive interactives
  • Mobile apps and micro-sites
  • Event websites
  • Event registration apps / sites
  • Online communities

Communications and Content

  • Theme and messaging
  • Film, video and AV
  • Speaker support
  • Content development
  • Content Management
  • Speaker search and selection
  • Moderator search and selection

Logistics Management

  • Travel management
  • Hospitality management